Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Training at Epping forest

Delivered training at Epping Forest yesterday and showed the staff how
to download the apps from http://eduapps.org. Highlighted Studybar.
Showed them Audacity, DSpeech, CamStudio, Typefaster and Vubar. The
latter always interests people because it is so simple yet so
functional and helpful to many who need to read documents on a screen.
Wish there was a free Mac version. I have taken to opening Textedit
and using the top of the programme window as a reading guide!
We used Freemind to plan out what there was to cover and the delegates
chose the themes in order of their priority.
Discussed issues around running exe files from a USB stick. IT will
discuss possibility of another layer of rights for learners who want
to use the software and will sign another form/contract on use.

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